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Discount Product Feed

Discount Product Feed Guide

App Overview

This is the official documentation for the discount product feed shopify app.

The reason this app as created was in order to solve the issue of creating product feeds to use in Facebook where you can also create automatically implemented discount codes within the products in the product feed.

By using this app you have the advantage of using discount codes within your DPAs (Dynamic Product Ads) which can be used to decrease your customer bounce rates by having the discounts automatically applied in the checkout and not needing the customers to add them manually.

In this app you can create a product feed of your products on shopify and also any new products that are added to your store will automatically be added to your product feed with the discount you previously chose.

Plan Restrictions

Depending on the plan you choose and also on the amount of products you have in your store you might be limited to some of the products from your store.

For example if you are on the Free plan your product feed will only include the first 20 products in your store which shouldn’t be a problem if you have 20 or less products, however if you have more than 20 products only the first 20 will be included in your product feed.

The same goes for the other plans except the pro plan which will show all the product in your store regardless of how many there are.

Create a Product Feed

You can create a product feed by going to the discount product feed app and choosing a few simple options before you are ready to start using your product feed in Facebook with DPAs.

If you would like to generate a product feed without any discount code applied to it you can just click on the “Save Changes" button and the product feed url will appear and you can start by adding that link to Facebook in order to create DPAs.

If however you would like to create a product feed with a discount code automatically applied to all your products then you can check the option “Enable Product Feed Discount" which will then allow you to select a discount value and the discount code name and then click on the button “Save Changes" and your product feed will be created or updated depending it another one already exists.

Include only first variant in feed

By default the app adds all the product variations if any into your product feed however if you would like to only include the first variation only you can append to the end of the url ?no_variants like so:

Add your Product Feed to Facebook

In order to add the product feed url that you generated in the previous step to your Facebook account in order to create a product catalogue visit and click on "Create Catalog"
Catalog Manager
Then click on "E-commerce"
Catalog Manager
Choose the account the catalog belongs to from the drop down menu but don't worry if you only see one option, it just means you only have one account. Choose a name for your catalog you are creating and the click on "Create".
Catalog Manager
Click on "View Catalog".
Catalog Manager
Click on "Add Products".
Catalog Manager
Choose the option "Use Data Feeds" and then click next.
Catalog Manager
Choose the option "Set a Schedule", this will bring up some more option where you can add the the product feed url you created from the app earlier to the option where it says "Data Feed URL". The feed is not passord protected so you will not need setup any credentials for Facebook. Finally choose the schedule that the feed it fetched by Facebook, choose your default store currency and click on "Start Upload".
Catalog Manager

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